RJT Companies is a well-capitalized, family officed, Private Equity, Financing and Land Development Company. The founding partners’ family has been involved in the construction industry for generations. As an outgrowth of their success they began providing Private Equity in the early 1990’s.


RJT Companies experienced team of passionate professionals is committed to the entire spectrum of land development; from Deal Structuring and Financing, to Planning, Design and through Development.

RJT Companies’ liquidity, flexibility and commitment to success has:


Financed over 250 Million Dollars in varied lending platforms

Developed over 2600 Residential Lots.


We engage in a full spectrum of business and development opportunities with Funding from

1-15 MM dollars, with an emphasis on +-5MM dollar deals.

RTJ Companies understand specific challenges often require unique solutions:


It’s a “now world” and Direct Owner Involvement in each deal eliminates delays and red tape resulting in Prompt Decision Making.


We leverage our team’s skills, Expertise and Experience to See Potential and maximize value where others see problems and loss.


Our Substantial Capital and Liquidity provides a distinct the advantages of uncommonly Quick Funding.


Funding Flexibility, only available with Family Owned Private Equity, allows us to craft Creative Deal Structuring.

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